The Liebster Award

What happened? Why am I writing this post so late??

So the fantastic Caitlin @Caitlin Althea nominated me for the Liebster Award almost a month ago I would’ve made the joke with a year ago but I think y’all are sick of it by now. It took me an eternity to get to it because of my new year posting schedule.

Anyways, thank you so so much Caitlin for nominating me!! And y’all have to check out Caitlin’s blog because it’s so darn beautiful and her content is just *chef’s kiss*

Let’s get into it!

  1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  5. Give these blogs 11 questions to answer



  1. What book do you think would make a great TV show?

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. I think it was in the talks for brcoming a TV show at some point and, honestly, it would be absolutely amazing, Now, the good question is, who would play my children?? I don’t think someone could be good enough.

2. What did you find most shocking when you first started blogging?
How fun and engaging the community is. Like, we have readathons, challenges, memes. And it is so supportive. I love how all of us take the time to check out different blogs and show our support to other people in the community.

3. If you could go back to when you first started blogging, what would you do differently?
I would probably research and plan more before starting everything. I just threw myself head first into this world and I knew nothing besides the little information I had from Booktube. Tho I regret nothing. What ifs are really unnecessary.

And, also, I would be more engaged and go to other blog posts and comment and make friends. I’m a shy person at my core so I was a bit scared to do all of that.

4. What’s a book that most people dislike, but you love/like?
Well…let me think…

There is Wizard & Witch by James Patterson. I read this when I was like 12 yo and I thaght it was pretty amazing. Now I’m not sure how I will feel about it now and I’m super scared to reread it or what’s up with James Patterson (because I feel like I’ve read some not so great things about him but I guess I blocked everything). Anyways, I remember enjoying the book very much.

5. Do you have any bookish and/or blogging goals that you really want to accomplish?
I am a pretty ambitious person so it would be great if I could accomplish all the goals from my 2020 goals post shameful self promo right here. But the ones I really really want to achieve are:

  • Reading genres I don’t usually read (mainly trying Adult High Fantasy)
  • Read 2/3 of my Owned TBR
  • Stop buying so many books

As for blogging goals, I would love to get to 200 followers by the end of this year. But if that doesn’t happen, not a problem.

Also, I want to post more frequently and start scheduling posts in advance so there won’t be huge periods of time without any post just because I don’t feel like writing anything.

6. What’s your favorite non-romance trope?
The character from a group of people that says they don’t care about the others and they’re in there just for the *insert random excuse*. But they’re actually a sweetheart and care so much, they are just more closed and afraid to show their true feeling to people.

It warms my heart.

7. Do you fiind people who almost always rate books 5 stars questionable?
Ow, the tea.

So, I’m a pretty judgemental person at heart I’m trying to be better so I would probably be like:

”Oh, so you liked this, and this, and this, and THAT…how the frick-frak do you not dislike anything?????”

But I guess some people just know what they like and choose books accordingly. While my bookish location senses are fried.

8. Is 3 stars a good or bad rating?
I would say good. It means average for me so I didn’t see too much in it but some people might enjoy it and I see some good parts. Overall, I didn’t have a shitty time reading it.

9. What’s your opinion on gifs in blog posts?
Love them! They’re son fun and just add so much more to the post.

10. What’s a book that you’ve been meaning to read for forever, yet you still haven’t picked up?
The Count of Monte-Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I’ve been wanting to read it since I was like 12 but I always pick the book up, read maximum 20-30 pages and then put it down. But I do really want to read it and I will actually get to it. It’s pretty intimidating, but it will be a huge achievement for me.

11. If you could read any book for the first time, what would it be?
Probably the Percy Jackson books. I want to feel that magic, to feel like a child again

(I didn’t say Harry Potter because I love re-reading those books cuz I always discover something I missed.)


11 Random Facts About Myself

  1. My surname,e, first name and middle name all rhyme. Thank you, mom and dad, now everything sounds weird.
  2. When I was a child I loved math and I was pretty good at it not to brag. But as I grew older, I started liking literature and words and meanings over numbers and formulas. Tho I still like numbers and formulas and logic.
  3. I’m in a science-focused class, but I want to study Psychology in the future. Bad decisions only.
  4. I am 100% agreeing with Caitlin on this one, I absolutely adore slow-burn romances. But, like, really really slow burns. Make me go crazy with how slow it is!
  5. I’m a Taurus. I don’t really believe in Astrology but it’s fun sometimes (being like: You’re a Capricorn, huh? I knew it…)
  6. I want to travel all around the world. My parents are super chill people and don’t like to travel that much, but that’s something I really want to do. Break free and see the wild.
  7. I have a huge respect for people that are good at finds and I fiind guys who are truly good at a sport very attractive probably because I suck at any sport in existence
  8. I’m a night owl. For example, I’m writing this post at 10:30 p.m. This is my productivity hour.
  9. I’ve never been in a relationship.
  10. This might be controversial, but I don’t like the smell of books, new or old. It doesn’t mean I hate it, I just don’t like it as much as everyone seems to. My favorite smells are vanilla, lavander, and gingerbread. And the one in the spring after rain.


I Nominate:


My Questions:

  1. Do you have any weird reading habits?
  2. Did you ever dream of becoming a writer?
  3. What’s a place you really want to visit?
  4. What’s your rainy day song/playlist?
  5. Do you use something special/unordinary as a bookmark?
  6. What’s something that you loved in your childhood that you don’t like anymore? why does this sound like a meme?
  7. What’s a new genre that you recently got really into?
  8. What book made you feel hungry?
  9. What’s, in your opinion, the perfect weather for reading?
  10. What’s a book that played with your mind/ messed you up (in a good way)?
  11. Do you like scented candles? If yes, what scent?


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!!

Thank you again to Caitlin for nominating me!!

Let’s chat in the comments!